Ishikawaen which produce and sell green teas

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Workflow from your order to delivery

  1. 1Telling us more about your desired product
  2. 2Submitting our estimation
  3. 3Your order
    * Depending on the volume of transaction, conclusion of an agreement
  4. 4Submitting the time schedule until delivery
  5. 5Your payment
  6. 6Manufacturing your ordered product
    * Accepting package design and package production on your request
  7. 7Shipping the product’s sample to you
    * Sending the data of package’s design
  8. 8Your inspection
    * Approving our package’s design
  9. 9Delivery (Shipping your ordered product)
  10. 10Your notification of the receipt of the product and your inspection of the product


We accept only advance payment in the following three ways.

  • Paypal
  • TransferWise
  • Letter of Credit (In case of container transport)

* We will consult in advance for more detail.


  • We will bear the initial sample cost and shipping cost. Instead, we would like you to send us your feedback and evaluation of our product definitely.
  • Please bear the shipping cost at your side for the second and subsequent sample.


We can make your branded products. We will accept your request of the package design, your choice of tea and the selling price and so on.

Package design and form, etc.

  • If you have already your own package design data, we will use it.
  • If you would like to create a new package design, we can do it at our side.
  • Please contact us as the minimum lots vary depending on the product.
  • We can also offer Matcha, Sencha, tea bags, blended tea and so on.
  • We can also offer the tea complying with JAS standards.

Existing products

We have prepared our product charts so please kindly check.

Wholesale unit price

Our wholesale unit price is only for the product, excluding the shipping costs, the tariffs and other costs imposed at local.
Please note the Buyer (consignee) shall pay for the price, the shipping and the tariff and other costs imposed at local.

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