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Ishikawaen's high grade Matcha

Ishikawaen's high grade Matcha (Chushiro)

We steam our tea leaves, which are grown in a tea garden's shade and carefully picked, and then dry them in order to make Tencha.
There is no "kneading" process for Tencha (unlike there is for Gyokuro or Sencha).
Ishikawaen's high grade Matcha (Chushiro) uses only selected Tencha made from first picked young leaves under the best of conditions.

We grind this Tencha slowly and carefully with a stone mill until it becomes a fine powder, which is the Matcha of Ishikawaen.
We use a cutting edge stone mill for processing, and then water-cool it while grinding, in order to prevent a change of color due to heat and to maintain the rich aroma of the tea itself.
Ishikawaen produces a wide variety of Matchas for various purposes, including for tea ceremony and food processing.


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