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In providing our customers with safe teas with rich aromas, we bear in mind our motto "We wish to deliver delicious teas with heartfelt hospitality from our hometown to you."

Since we started our business in one of Japan's main centers of tea production, Enshu-Mori in West Shizuoka, during the Meiji period, we have sold carefully selected, flavorful teas from the Mori area, and aromatic teas from surrounding mountainous areas.
The hallmarks of our teas are pleasant flavors and after-tastes that are enduring and refreshing.
We have strived to make our teas delicious and easy to brew.
In addition to tea leaves, we also sell foods served with tea, rice produced in our town, Mori, and side dishes that go well with local rice and tea together.
We will continue to run our mail-order business by communicating sincerely with our customers.

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Our products are also available for wholesale.

By utilizing our tea-production know-how cultivated for more than 100 years since our establishment during the Meiji period, we provide teas just as our customers desire them. We also supply materials and take orders for OEM

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The Monde Selection award ceremony was held in Budapest, Hungary.

The Monde Selection award ceremony was held at Pesti Vigadó concert hall along the Danube river in Budapest, Hungary on May 30th.
Up to 3,000 products were entered from 87 countries. Each was analyzed, judged, and awarded with a Grand Gold, Gold, Silver, or Bronze quality label based on scores given to the products.
Products are judged on a variety of points such as taste, raw materials, information provided to the consumers, packaging, and user-friendliness.

Many winners attended the award ceremony from around the world. The award ceremony started at 2:00, and the after party gala from 7:00. We have entered our products every year since 2008. We were awarded a Grand Gold quality label for our "Enshuichi Gift Can Set" for the seventh year in a row, so our president and managing director attended.

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