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About us

Mori-machi, located in a mountainous area in western Shizuoka prefecture, is called "little Kyoto" as its landscape, with the Ohta river running through the middle of town, resembles the Arashiyama area in Kyoto.
Our company is located along the Mikura river, a branch of the Ohta river. We produce and sell green teas here.
Whether in person, by telephone, or by mail, we value each and every customer and deliver our products to them with sincere gratitude. We hope to develop a long-term relationship with each valued customer.

Something about green tea

Our beliefs about tea production

Enshu-Mori town, located in western Shizuoka prefecture, is the most well known tea leaf production area in Japan
Our teas are produced in the abundant natural mountainous area of the Ohta river basin.

Our area's natural features and climate, such as pure water and morning mists, are ideal for fostering tea leaves, and thus make this area one of the preeminent quality tea production districts in Shizuoka.

The beliefs of our tea artisans

Belief 1: Tea leaf selection

We think carefully when selecting tea materials….arachas (tea leaves that have been dried out but not yet separated out) are essential.
We assess characteristics such as the taste, aroma, water color and shape of each tea leaf, and screen each leaf strictly and carefully.

Belief 2: Finishing techniques

Each aracha has its own characteristics and unique features such as "strong aroma", "well-shaped", "rich, umami taste", "fresh green water", "fresh and juicy", "refreshing aftertaste", etc.

Using only strictly selected aracha, our tea artisans finish the tea with unique processing techniques to fully bring out each tea's characteristics.
Heating and drying in the final stage is the key.

Belief 3: Creating taste and aroma by blending

We think carefully about selection of tea materials…..aracha is essential.
We assess the characteristics of each tea leaf such as taste, aroma, water color and shape, and screen them strictly and carefully.
The processes involved in making a single tea, starting with carefully selecting materials and finishing with blending, are just as delicate as masterful cooking.

We wish to deliver delicious teas with heartfelt hospitality from our hometown to you.|We work hard together to produce quality teas.

Company History

The Tenmei period
Started as a family business at present day Mori under the name Chushiro. Through the generations, the head of the family has always succeeded to run Chushiro.
The Meiji period (1868-1911) While running our tea processing business as a livelihood, started to deal in local agricultural products
The Showa period (1926-1989) Changed our business's name to Ishikawa-shoten, and built a plant at Nakayoko-cho in Mori
1985 Established Ishikawaen Limited, which later became Ishikawaen Co. Ltd.
1995 Built a new plant at Toizume, in Mori
2005 Expanded our plant
2014 Built a large cold-storage warehouse at Ichimiya, in Mori


For tea producers, it is a dream and a great honor to win the "Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize". In order to receive the prize, we must perfectly manage a tea plantation and finish a tea from carefully picked tea leaves using high-quality techniques. We use such techniques generously to produce our teas even for casual, everyday teas.

Awards received (competitive exhibitions)

Minister of International Trade and Industry Prize
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize
Overall winner at Enshu-Mori Tea Fair for ten consecutive years [Shizuoka Governor's Award: four times, Osaka Governor's Award: two times], METI Minister Awards, Director of Agricultural Administration Kinki Region's Office Prize
Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Prize,
METI Minister Awards
Osaka Governor's Award
Director of Agricultural Administration Kinki Region's Office Prize
Osaka Governor's Award(Gold)
Osaka Governor's Award(Naniwa Green)
Osaka Governor's Award(Gold)
METI Minister Awards(Naniwa Green)

ITQI awards received

'Tama-ryokucha' (spherical green tea) two stars
Enshuichi-bagged typetwo stars
Yuzu-citrus flavored Senchatwo stars

Monde Selection Awards received

Enshuichi-bagged typeGold
Enshuichi-bagged typeGold
Ocha-batake (tea garden)Gold
Enshuichi-bagged typeGold
Enshuichi-bagged typeThe International High Quality Trophy
Enshuichi-canned setGrand Gold
Ocha-batake (tea garden)Gold
Enshuichi-canned setGrand Gold
Ocha-batake (tea garden)Gold
Ocha-batake (tea garden)The International High Quality Trophy
Gyokuro (refined green tea) for cold-brewSilver
Enshuichi-canned setGrand Gold
Sencha (medium-grade green tea) for cold-brewSilver
Gyokuro (refined green tea) for cold-brewSilver
Ocha-batake green tea-flavored sweet bean jellyBronze
Enshuichi-canned setGrand Gold
Yuzu-citrus flavored SenchaBronze
Fuka-ama latte (sweet Matcha latte)Bronze
Enshuichi-canned setGrand Gold
Enshuichi-canned setThe International High Quality Trophy
Enshuichi-bagged typeGold
Roman (Gyokuro blended green tea with Matcha)Silver
Roman-tea bag typeSilver
Enshuichi-canned set Awarded the Grand Gold quality label for six consecutive years
Ocha-batake (tea garden)Gold
Roman (Gyokuro blended green tea with Matcha)Silver
Roman-tea bag typeSilver
Enshuichi-canned set Awarded the Grand Gold quality label for seven consecutive years
Roman (Gyokuro blended green tea with Matcha)Silver
Roman-tea bag typeSilver

For wholesalers and distributors

Raw material supply


Ishikawaen deals with aromatic green tea produced in our hometown, Mori, and mountainous areas, high quality aracha produced in Shizuoka, as well as aracha from Kyushu.



Taking advantage of tea production know-how cultivated for more than 100 years since our founding in the Meiji period, we supply finished green teas just as our customers imagine them.

Processing on consignment


We take orders to finish processing aracha and to crush tea leaves as materials for tea bags. We are flexible enough to process from small amounts and up to 3,000 kg, in accordance with each customer's request.
We also take mass-processing orders for beverage materials.


We produce and supply products to be sold under a customer's brand.
We handle small-lot orders, too.

We listen to each customer's needs to develop products.
2Product development
In accordance with a customer's request regarding things such as tea leaves, tea bags, or powdered tea, we select suitable materials and develop the product.
3Sample creation
Once a concept is fixed, we create a sample and make a proposal.
4Proposal of packaging
Based on a customer's intentions, we propose an appealing package suitable for the features of the product.
5Production plan
We produce products according to a sales plan. We provide safe and reliable products by thoroughly controlling the traceability and the quality of the materials.
We deliver reliable products to the customer's designated location.

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